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Please fill out the application below.

Note: there are 2 applications one for HYLA students and one for Raices Latinas. Select the correct one and fill out completely. For those applying to HYLA make sure that you submit the correct essay (e.g. There is an essay assignment specifically for new participants and one for returning students).

Click on this link for your registration fee for HYLA or Raices Latinas if the payment option does not show once you have completed your application).

Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy

  • Previous Attendance

  • Please choose the location and year of your previous attendance if you have participated before.
  • Student Information

  • Church Information

  • Sponsor

  • A sponsor is required to help you with prayer during your time as part of the academy and provide you with the $50.00 application fee to be sent with this application.
  • At the Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy, we are interested in getting to know you. We want to hear from you about what intrigues you and has shaped your development as a young person. Therefore, we would like you to give us your personal narrative as essay statements responding to each of the following questions. There is no right or wrong response. Remember to attach your narrative to this application form. Make sure to include your name and address on your personal narrative.

    Write essay statements for each question. responses to each question should be at least 200 words double-spaced. Please type your responses and be sure to include your name on every page.

    1. Tell us about yourself. Tell us what you consider to be most important about you that others might not recognize.
    2. What challenges or obstacles do you think Hispanic youth or Young Adults face today?
    3. Describe your experience/participation in church and share why you think it is important to explore your call to serve God?
    4. What interests you most about the Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy? What questions, concerns or issues are you interested in exploring through your participation in the Academy.
  • Write essay statements for each question. Responses to each question should be at least 200 words, typed and double-spaced. Please type your responses and be sure to include your name on every page and cite resources consulted.

    1. What has been your involvement in the life and ministry of the UMC since you participated with HYLA last year.
    2. What is your understanding of the mission of the United Methodist Church and how is your local congregation involved in it?
    3. What do you believe God is calling you to do at this time in your life and how do you plan to prepare for what God is calling you to be and do?

    If you are returning for your 2nd year: Share with your local congregation about HYLA and Puertas Abiertas Escolarship and request donations for this scholarship. Checks need to be made out to “Puertas Abiertas” (if you need information about this scholarship email: This is a good activity where you can involve all youth in your congregation.

    If you are returning for your 3rd year: Prepare a 10 minute power point presentation for your graduation banquet sharing about your experiences in HYLA, your ministry in the UMC and your plans for college. You can bring this presentation with you to HYLA. No need to turn it in with your application.

  • HYLA Quinceañera 2018

  • Please Read Carefully and Sign

  • I certify that all of the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and the enclosed submissions are solely my work. I understand that in order to participate in the Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy, I must find a sponsor. If accepted as an emerging leader and if I choose to attend, I agree to participate for the full duration of the program and to abide by the rules and regulations of the Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy (HYLA).