Quinceañera Celebration

The Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy will be celebrating its Quinceañera (15th anniversary) July 21st, 2018 in Marsh Chapel at Boston University. Quinceañeras are traditional celebrations predominantly in the cultures of Latin America that mark the coming of age of womanhood for young females.

For HYLA celebrating its Quinceañera will be a way of marking the coming of age of the program not so much for womanhood but for its resiliency as a program and yet in that sense it does relate very much to the experiences of the Hispanic/Latina women in our cultures that are more often than not the ones that have no other choice but to be resilient for the sake of family and community.

The Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy has kept going despite times of financial hardships and uncertainty. However, the program has touched the lives of many youth that have gone through its curriculum and that are now young adults in professional settings, pastors, seminarians and various others involved in a number of disciplines and creative arts. It has been these HYLA scholars that have offered their time and work with HYLA because they have seen and lived the importance of HYLA for them and our community. It is these HYLA scholars that have worked with Rev. Dr. Cristian De La Rosa who has worked endlessly for the fruits that have flourished.


How can you be a part of the mission, vision and work of HYLA in this celebration? 

The HYLA Quinceañera will be celebrated in a very similar fashion to the traditional quinceañeras in our community, therefore we will have a Quinceañera(s), chambelanes, madrinas and padrinos. How you can be a madrina or padrino for this Quinceañera is by donating a minimum of $20. If you would like to simply donate and choose not to attend it is also an option.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to be a madrina/padrino. When you submit your paypal donation, if you are able please make a note of your name and whether you are choosing to be a madrina or padrino.




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